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What can I do to prepare for the move and save money?

-Get as much as possible (especially small items) packed up in advance so that we can quickly load boxes and furniture

-Try to label boxes by which room you would like them unloaded in

-Empty all furniture and drawers where possible

-Talk with us in advance to have a plan for pets

-Book service elevators in your buildings well in advance

-Clear walkways and passageways


Which payment methods do you accept?

We accept etransfer, cash, debit, and credit card

How long will my move take?

 Each move is different but these are some general estimates using 2 movers and 1 truck:


  • 1 bedroom move (students): 2 hours

  • apartments: 3-5 hours

  • small house: 4-6 hours (may require larger crew)

  • large house 6-8+ hours (will require larger crew)

*This chart by uhaul may provide additional help:

Are you actually black belts?

Yes, yes we are

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